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Vero Bistro Moderne Calgary

I recently had a really great brunch at Vero Bistro Moderne, a Calgary restaurant on 10 St. NW, just off Kensington Rd. So last night we decided to give it a try for dinner. Vero Bistro features modern interpretations of Italian & French cuisine, and executive chef Jenny believes in sourcing fresh, healthy food from local producers and suppliers. It has […]

Amazing Japan: Five Insider Survival Tips

Japan has one of the world’s most fascinating cultures to explore. Our daughter Carlee has spent the last few years living in Asia, much of that time in Japan. We were able to visit her there recently, and her experience made our trip so much easier. Here are some of her insider survival tips to make your visit to amazing […]

Italian Language Basics for Travelers

English Italian Yes Sì No No Hello Ciao Good morning! Buongiorno Good evening! Buona sera Goodbye Arrivederci How are you? Come stai? I’m fine, thanks! Bene, grazie! And you? E tu? Please Per favore Thank you Grazie You’re welcome Prego! Pardon me Mi scusi Excuse me Mi scusi Where…? Dov’è? A glass of water, please. […]

Japanese Language Basics for Travelers

English Japanese Yes Hai No  Iie Hello Kon’nichiwa Good evening! Konbanwa Goodbye Sayoonara How are you? Ogenki desu ka? I’m fine, thanks! Genki desu. Arigato! And you? Anatawa? Please Onegai shimasu Thank you Arigatoo gozaimasu You’re welcome Dou itashi mashite Pardon me  Sumimasen Excuse me  Sumimasen Where… Doko A glass of water, please. Mizu o […]

French Language Basics for Travelers

English French Yes Oui No Non Hello Bonjour Good morning! Bonjour Good evening! Bonsoir Goodbye Au revoir. How are you? Comment allez-vous? I’m fine, thanks! Bien (or très bien – very well) And you? Et vous? Please S’il vous plaît Thank you Merci You’re welcome De rien Pardon me Pardon Excuse me  Excusez-moi Where is […]

Chinese Language Basics for Travelers

English Chinese Yes Shì No Búshì Hello Ni hao Have you eaten? Nee chrr luh mah? I’ve eaten. Wor chrr luh Good evening Wan-shung haoww Bye-bye Bye-bye How are you? Nee haoww mah? Good/ok Haoww Please Qing Thank you Xiè xiè (shyeah-shyeah) You’re welcome Boo-yong xièxie Excuse me Dway boo chee Where is …Dzeye nah-lee? […]

Korean Language Basics for Travelers

시크릿 가든은 내가 좋아하는 한국 드라마입니다. Secret Garden is my favorite Korean drama. The Korean alphabet, Hangeul, was invented by King Sejong in 1443, and it’s really not that hard to learn. If you want to give it a try, check out Jenny’s Korean on youtube. In the meantime, below are phonetic translations of some useful […]